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Dr. Qamar is the founder of Personality TYPES in Pakistan. He has worked extensively to improve understanding between humans and human management in educational, corporate, and health care sectors.

He is now introducing his services to the world by providing knowledge to accommodate TYPE in the Pakistani society, so that Pakistan could flourish in every field that leads to human development, hence success.

1. Life Coaching

Helping You Maximize Your Full Potential

LIFE COACHING will be TYPE based coaching to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired result. Life coaching will aid you in achieving your personal objectives, professional goals, and changes in a variety of aspects of your life. Assisting individuals in advancing their lives in order to experience more fulfilment. Explore the potential capabilities that nature has gifted you, and it will empower you to overcome your struggles to achieve everything you desire.

Assisting you with specific work initiatives, personal objectives, and transitions in a variety of spheres of your life.

  • Clarify and concentrate on the goals and ambitions that will fundamentally alter your life in the upcoming year.

2. Business Coaching

Understand the Personalities of Other People

KNOW EACH OTHER will teach you how to guess the Personality TYPE of others. It will equip you to know others better that will allow you to enhance your interpersonal skills.

3. Relationship Coaching

Understand Your Partner to Celebrate Their Uniqueness

Relationship Coaching will provide couples with a solution to build stronger bonds by knowing each other. It will guide them to understand, appreciate, and accommodate the differences of their partner to find their happy ever after.

A happy marriage is a root to an empowered society

  • Institution of developing leaders
Married couples are the producers and nurturers of their offspring. Their upbringing and the atmosphere that they establish in their homes decide the future of this world. Their children will be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Effects of gloomy marriage

Research has shown that children of broken and dysfunctional families often have a hard time finding success in life because they grow up in abusive environments and lack a sense of worth.

  • Harmonious marriage-confident children

Couples must develop and nurture a relationship that is mutually beneficial, harmonious, and respectful. They should complement each other as if they will work as a team, they will raise their children as confident and independent individuals who will understand the value of establishing meaningful relationships with others.

4. Professional Coaching

Enabling job persons/employees in achieving their career objectives

Professional Coaching will be enabling job people/employees to grow in their careers and enhance their professional life.

Success is guaranteed when a career meets nature

  • Confused about career choice

With more than 20 years of experience, in helping people realize their potentials, Dr. Qamar found that many students and young professionals are not only confused about their career choices but also lack the confidence to advance in their careers.

  • Knowing built-in talents boost professional development

People don’t know whether they have the specific skills required for the job. Dr. Qamar has the motive that the candidates should be able to proudly claim how their skills and talents are an asset to the company. In pursuit of this goal, Dr. Qamar once again turned to MBTI and discovered that if people are informed about their hidden skills and talents, they can easily decide what career best suits their Personality TYPE and what they can offer to their employers.

  • Career guidance based on Personality TYPE (MBTI)

KNOW YOUR CAREER will serve as a digital platform for those who are looking for career planning and career management services. It will assist aspiring professionals in choosing and building their careers according to their individual Personality TYPE and will offer additional benefits like curriculum vitae (CV) creation and one-on-one career coaching services.

5. Parenting By Type Coaching

Learn to Nurture by Nature

PARENTING BY TYPE will provide parents with logical solutions for understanding and raising their children using Personality TYPE.

Early Childhood Development

  • Road to TYPE-based parenting

Dr. Qamar first came across the subject of Early Childhood Development (ECD), in 2002 when he joined the prestigious mental health research organization of Pakistan called Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL). He was given the opportunity to research on human development like; behavioral interventions in prenatal health, early childhood development, psychological parenting, and learning through play. His research contributions were widely appreciated and from 2006 to 2008 he was invited to present his work at international conferences in Cairo, Chennai, and Dubai.
Since then, Dr. Qamar has emphasized the importance of psychological parenting and childhood development.

  • Accommodating  TYPE in children development

After rediscovering the science of Personality TYPE, he integrated TYPE into parenting and designed TYPE-Based parenting for the effective nurturing of children. His pioneering projects like KNOW YOUR KIDS and PARENTING BY TYPE provide parents with logical solutions for understanding their children using MBTI.

6. Teaching By Type Coaching

Learn to Teach Students According to Their Learning Style

TEACHING BY TYPE will promote TYPE-based teaching practices for educationalists, enabling them to teach students according to their learning styles. Educators will be able to understand their students more. They will get to know teaching techniques to accommodate each TYPE of student, ultimately help their students to stand out in whatever career they choose.

7. Career Coaching

Comprehensive Career Planning & Management Program For Students & Professionals

Career Coaching will serve as a digital platform for aspiring professionals and students who are looking for TYPE-Based career planning and career management services. Career coaching will help you figure out what you want to do to explore opportunities for professional growth.


Now it’s time to be what you want to be!

Awareness about yourself makes you understand your power to become healthy, happy, and prosperous.

“Dr. Qamar is a remarkable man. His insight into human psychology is commendable. My entire team and I are grateful to him for helping us manage our work and relationships more effectively. I highly recommend others to contact Dr. Qamar for type-based training.”

Farrukh Rasheed


Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)
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