Understanding yourself will allow you to be closer to your dreams

Your personality is the amalgamation of nature and nurture. The nature part of your personality cannot be altered. Your nature defines your Personality TYPE (MBTI).

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  • The TYPE tells you your potential career options.
  • The TYPE helps you to recognize your strengths.
  • The TYPE enables you to get to know your blind areas.

Our motive is that people should accommodate TYPE in every aspect of their life to understand people better.

Dr. Qamar

Founder of Personality TYPE (MBTI) in Pakistan

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The Secret of Optimal Human Development

After observing & studying thousands of people in different roles & relationships, Dr. Qamar has discovered that practicing these 3 steps in the given order is essential for Optimal Human Development.


You need to understand your Personality TYPE (MBTI) to understand yourself. Understanding yourself will open doors for you to polish your inbuilt talents.


You will know your preferred way of perceiving knowledge, making a decision, and way of living. You will be clear about your strengths and bind areas.


You will move towards learning your blind preferred areas. It will give you the opportunity to understand others more and improve your communication power. It will lead you towards your desire success.

“Dr. Qamar wants to facilitate individuals, families, and organizations to understand, realize, and appreciate potentials by constructive use of their human differences. He believes that accommodation of our differences can create happy, healthy, and successful societies.”

Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)

Dr Qamar

Founding Expert of MBTI & Personality TYPEs in Pakistan

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Knowing Personality Is The key Of Success

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Why trust us:

We are the expert on Personality TYPES (MBTI) and certified MBTI and MMTIC practitioner.

We equip marketing leaders
We are providing TYPE-based personality development and enhancement in Pakistan since 2005. We have trained more than 50,000 students to use the TYPE in the process of their career selection. We have instructed many teachers, trainers, coaches, and motivational speakers to incorporate the TYPE in their profession.
We have commenced the training session on TYPE-based development programs in Pakistan with a vision to accommodate the TYPE in all organizations so that people should be understood rather than being judged.
We have collaborated with CIM (Careers in Medicine), a program by AAMS (Association of American Medical Colleges), recognized our initiative and supported us. We received the best training company award in 2018 by WHO IS WHO because of our innovative endeavours in Pakistan.

Discovering Your Talents

TYPE enables you to identify the talents that are gifts for you from nature. Recognizing your abilities will help you learn them and master them, allowing you to lead your life towards success.


Understanding Your Blind Areas

Without knowing your blind areas, you cannot attain your desired aim. You should know your favoured preference as well as your non-preferred one so that you can develop.

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Are these questions in your mind? Find your answers!

How can know yourself be helpful in my career selection?2020-12-31T12:25:52+00:00

The importance of selecting a career with which we find satisfaction is the most important part of our life. People who know what they want to in life are lucky enough but there are also many people in this world who do not know what to do in life and here actually works KNOW YOURSELF because when we discover who we are, it will become easy for us to choose exactly where to go. It is important to note that Psychological TYPE does not explain everything and at the same time it is also important to remember that Personality TYPE is about preferences, not about knowledge, and your abilities, which all should be considered in choosing a career path.

What do you mean by know yourself and what is its purpose?2020-12-31T12:28:37+00:00

Know yourself is an idea of Dr. Qamar-ul-Hassan. It is a technique to help people understand their Personality TYPE and how they can interact with others. This tool gives awareness of how you can approach different situations and audiences, and it not only helps to know what we want, also teaches us what other people want in life.

How can Know Yourself help me?2020-12-31T12:27:58+00:00

Know yourself can help you identify your personality and discovers your nature part of your personality. It enables you to explore what are your desires, your natural strengths, and your weaknesses. This Information provides an opportunity to learn more about your potential areas for growth. It helps you understand why you are you. It informs you how people are, the reasons behind their behaviors, and the way of their communication.

Who is Dr. Qamar-ul-Hassan and what are his services regarding the Personality type?2020-12-31T12:29:15+00:00

Dr. Muhammad Qamar-ul-Hassan is a pioneer and leading expert on ‘Personality TYPE’ and TYPE-based performance improvement solutions in Pakistan. He has 15 years of experience in helping industry leaders and aspiring professionals identify their Personality TYPES. He uses TYPE to teach us how we can lead a happy, healthy, and successful life. Dr. Qamar has had the privilege of providing TYPE-based innovative solutions to more than 50,000 individuals from Pakistan’s 70 leading organizations.

How can Know Yourself be helpful at work?2020-12-31T12:30:30+00:00

It will improve our Learning and understanding skills. It will help us in appreciating the differences each co-worker possesses. It will constructively help us figure out the differences among the personalities. Applying TYPE can move co-workers from provocation with differences to acceptance. Opposite personalities can complement each other and create a balance in decision making.

How can know yourself help me in leadership development?2020-12-31T12:32:12+00:00

The best leaders are those who can skillfully adapt their styles to meet the needs of not only the situations they encounter but the people they lead. Understanding your Personality TYPE and how it influences your thoughts, relationships, and behavior will help you become an excellent leader, and Know yourself will help you better explore yourself, strengthen your team management skills, and help you to relate to others.

How can I apply the knowledge I received from the course Know Yourself in business development?2020-12-31T12:33:23+00:00

The personal approach is a key factor in winning or losing your sale in business. Know yourself helps you focus your attention on your customer’s personal-approach and needs-with this knowledge, you can understand how customers are different from each other.
This way, you can build a relationship with customers by developing trust through modifying your selling to match your customer’s preferences and needs. It will help to develop a business by developing long-term relationships with customers and attaining their loyalty by maintaining quality and providing products that customers need.

How can the course Know Yourself help me with time management?2020-12-30T12:00:10+00:00

Self-management begins with knowing yourself. It’s a solution to improve time management skills. It impacts your preferences and your ability to manage your time. Knowing and understanding yourself better will help you consume your energy and recognize the time management strategies that are more likely to work with your preferences and requirements.


I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Qamar’s session on Communicating Effectively by TYPE. It was truly an eye-opener. Ever since I have been practicing the science of TYPE-based communication with my colleagues, I have noticed a great change. Now we can easily work in teams. I am looking forward to attending his training in the future.

Syed Ahmad


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Dr. Qamar

Personality Type Expert (MBTI)
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