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Dr. Qamar is an innovator who has dedicated his life to discovering logical solutions to help people predict and achieve success. He firmly believes that every individual is born to succeed, but what stands between them and their success is their inability to understand themselves and tap their inbuilt potential. His mission is to help people identify their personality type (MBTI) and recognize their character attributes, talents, and abilities. It will empower them in making the right choices in life. His transformational leadership and out of the box thinking led him to design solutions for human and social development. He envisions a society where everyone leads a happy, healthy, and prosperous life, achieving the success they crave.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Qamar has used his vast knowledge and experience of psychology and human development to help members of large-scale organizations, institutes of higher learning, and families understanding themselves and their potential abilities, related to the roles they play, at an individual level by identifying their personality TYPE (MBTI). He helps people in conducting self-assessment/personality assessment through the MBTI test to discover personality TYPES (MBTI). He encourages people to explore themselves in-depth and have a basic understanding of the personality TYPES (MBTI) of those around them. We can build profound relationships in our personal and professional lives when we are able to understand each other and appreciate our differences.

Being a visionary, he analyzed that until and unless every single member of our community is not contributing effectively to society, we will not be able to maximize human potential and transform the world. For this, he focused his work on three main areas of human development; organizations, educational institutes, and families.

Qamar Consulting is recognized as the ‘Pakistan’s No.1 Training and Consulting Company’ by Who’s Who Global in 2018 because of its innovative services on human development in Pakistan. On January 20, 2020, Dr. Qamar was awarded the title of ‘Transformational Professional’ in recognition of his transformational training workshops conducted at Hamdard University.

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