Founding Expert of MBTI & Personality TYPEs in Pakistan

Dr Qamar ul hassan

My motive is that people should accommodate TYPE in every aspect of their life to understand people better.

About Dr. Qamar

Dr. Muhammad Qamar-ul-Hassan is a pioneer and leading expert on ‘Personality TYPE (MBTI)’ and providing TYPE-Based performance improvement solutions in Pakistan. He has 15 years of experience in helping industry leaders and aspiring professionals to identify their Personality TYPES (MBTI) and use PERSONALITY TYPE insights to live happy, healthy, contented, and prosperous lives.

Dr. Qamar has had the privilege of providing TYPE-based innovative solutions to more than 50,000 individuals from Pakistan’s 70 leading organizations.

To Learn More About Dr. Qamar

Discover, Understand, & Develop Yourself

KNOW YOURSELF will help you to discover the real you, explore the potential capabilities that nature has gifted you, and it will empower you to overcome your struggles to achieve everything you desire.

Know Yourself

Understand the Personalities of Other People

KNOW EACH OTHER will teach you how to guess the (MBTI) Personality TYPE of others. It will equip you to know others better that will allow you to enhance your interpersonal skills.

Know Each Other

Understand Your Partner to Celebrate Their Uniqueness

KNOW YOUR PARTNER will provide couples with a solution to build stronger bonds by knowing each other. It will guide them to understand, appreciate, and accommodate the differences of their partner to find their happy ever after.

Know Your Partner

Understand Your Kid to Know their HiddenTalents for Their Smart Development

KNOW YOUR KIDS will teach parents TYPE-based parenting skills, enabling them to nurture their children by understanding their nature. It will guide parents to value the uniqueness of their kids to cultivate them into future leaders.

Know Your Kids

Learn to Nurture by Nature

PARENTING BY TYPE will provide parents with logical solutions for understanding
and raising their children using Personality TYPE (MBTI).

Parenting by Type

Learn to Teach Students According to Their Learning Style

TEACHING BY TYPE will promote TYPE-based teaching practices for educationalists, enabling them to teach students according to their learning styles. Educators will be able to understand their students more. They will get to know teaching techniques to accommodate each TYPE of student, ultimately help their students to stand out in whatever career they choose.

Teaching by Type

Career Planning & Management Program for Students & Professionals

KNOW YOUR CAREER will serve as a digital platform for aspiring professionals who
are looking for TYPE-Based career planning and career management services.

Know Your Career

A Guide to Young Doctors to Plan their career in Medicine

CAREER MED is a flagship project that will provide career counseling and career management training through Personality TYPE (MBTI) to thousands of medical students and young doctors.

Career Med

Improving Communication Skills to Build Trustworthy Relation with Patients

A doctor with poor communication skills is of no help to the patient-with this idea, TYPE FOR DOCTORS will provide medical practitioners to accommodate “PERSONALITY TYPE (MBTI)” in their clinical practices for effective interactions with patients.

Type for Doctors

Empowering Women by Emphasizing Self-Awareness for Effective Leadership

SHAAN-E-NISAA is a women empowerment program. It will offer self-awareness and personal development training to the women of Pakistan.


Developing Business Leaders & Optimizing Profits

Dr. Qamar took a step as QAMAR CONSULTING for the establishment of a successful corporate sector in Pakistan. It will encourage the corporate sector to accommodate Personality TYPES (MBTI) in organizations to understand employees and strengthen their leadership, team building, and communication skills to generate extensive profit regularly.

Qamar Consulting

Few of Our Clients

Dr Qamar

Founding Expert of MBTI & Personality TYPEs in Pakistan

Discover & Develop Yourself with Dr. Qamar

Knowing Personality Is The key Of Success

+92 321-8944246

Understanding yourself is Significant for Your Life

We will tell you how to discover, understand, & develop yourself by discovering your Personality TYPE (MBTI). Dr. Qamar is a reputable man behind this wonderful self-discovering process. The best answer to all your problems is to know your TYPE.

Why Trust Us

Discover Your True Self

Dr. Qamar will tell you who you are, based on your Personality TYPE (MBTI). Know your ultimate strengths to achieve your goals.

Understand Other People Better

Understanding your Personality TYPE (MBTI) and others close to you can help you build a better relationship with them.

“Dr. Qamar wants to facilitate individuals, families, and organizations to understand, realize, and appreciate potentials by constructive use of their human differences. He believes that accommodation of our differences can create happy, healthy, and successful societies.”

Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)

Now it’s time to be what you want to be!

Awareness about yourself makes you understand your power to become healthy, happy, and prosperous.

“Dr. Qamar is a remarkable man. His insight into human psychology is commendable. My entire team and I are grateful to him for helping us to manage our work and relationships more effectively. I highly recommend others to contact Dr. Qamar for TYPE-Based training.”

Farrukh Rasheed


Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)
+92 321-8944246
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