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PARENTING BY TYPE COACHING will provide parents with logical solutions for understanding and raising their children using Personality TYPE(MBTI).

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Early Childhood Development

Dr. Qamar first came across the subject of Early Childhood Development (ECD), in 2002 when he joined the prestigious mental health research organization of Pakistan called Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (PILL). He was given the opportunity to research on human development like; behavioral interventions in prenatal health, early childhood development, psychological parenting, and learning through play. His research contributions were widely appreciated and from 2006 to 2008 he was invited to present his work at international conferences in Cairo, Chennai, and Dubai.
Since then, Dr. Qamar has emphasized the importance of psychological parenting and childhood development.

After rediscovering the science of Personality TYPE, he integrated TYPE into parenting and designed TYPE-Based parenting for the effective nurturing of children. His pioneering projects like KNOW YOUR KIDS and PARENTING BY TYPE provide parents with logical solutions for understanding their children using MBTI.

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)

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Success Rate

Our success rate is 245% among 50,000 students all over Pakistan.


Founder of Personality TYPE (MBTI)

First time in the history of Pakistan, Dr. Qamar introduces Personality TYPES (MBTI) to help everyone to be successful in life.


Corporate Organizations

80+ corporate businesses consulted Dr. Qamar for the success of their business.

“Dr. Qamar wants to facilitate individuals, families, and organizations to understand, realize, and appreciate potentials by constructive use of their human differences. He believes that accommodation of our differences can create happy, healthy, and successful societies.”

Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)

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Awareness about yourself makes you understand your power to become healthy, happy, and prosperous.

“Dr. Qamar is a remarkable man. His insight into human psychology is commendable. My entire team and I are grateful to him for helping us to manage our work and relationships more effectively. I highly recommend others to contact Dr. Qamar for TYPE-Based training.”

Farrukh Rasheed


Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)
+92 321-8944246
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