Understand Your Partner to Celebrate Their Uniqueness

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching will provide couples with a solution to build stronger bonds by knowing each other. It will guide them to understand, appreciate, and accommodate the differences of their partner to find their happy ever after.

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A happy marriage is a root to an empowered society

Married couples are the producers and nurturers of their offspring. Their upbringing and the atmosphere that they establish in their homes decide the future of this world. Their children will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Research has shown that children of broken and dysfunctional families often have a hard time finding success in life because they grow up in abusive environments and lack a sense of worth.

Couples must develop and nurture a relationship that is mutually beneficial, harmonious, and respectful. They should complement each other as if they will work as a team, they will raise their children as confident and independent individuals who will understand the value of establishing meaningful relationships with others.

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)

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Success Rate

Our success rate is 245% among 50,000 students all over Pakistan.


Founder of Personality TYPE (MBTI)

First time in the history of Pakistan, Dr. Qamar introduces Personality TYPES (MBTI) to help everyone to be successful in life.


Corporate Organizations

80+ corporate businesses consulted Dr. Qamar for the success of their business.

“Dr. Qamar wants to facilitate individuals, families, and organizations to understand, realize, and appreciate potentials by constructive use of their human differences. He believes that accommodation of our differences can create happy, healthy, and successful societies.”

Dr. Qamar

Personality Type Expert (MBTI)

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Now it’s time to be what you want to be!

Awareness about yourself makes you understand your power to become healthy, happy, and prosperous.

“Dr. Qamar is a remarkable man. His insight into human psychology is commendable. My entire team and I are grateful to him for helping us to manage our work and relationships more effectively. I highly recommend others to contact Dr. Qamar for TYPE-Based training.”

Farrukh Rasheed


Dr. Qamar

Personality TYPE Expert (MBTI)
+92 321-8944246
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