This Certification is specifically designed for life coaches to facilitate people to understand and manage the human differences by identifying the Personality- Type; after attending this certification, life coaches will be able to understand themselves people around them. The objective of this certification is to make life coaches able to counsel and encourage their clients through Personality-Type and to make their lives better in terms of wellness, finances, and other career and life goals. Develop a clear understanding of their behaviors based on Personality- Type. Understand the preferences. Understand the different Personality-Type and how they differ in their learning styles. Flex their style to accommodate 16 Personality-Type of people learning styles to increase their effectiveness in life.

  • Online

  • 100 Hours Training

  • 80+ Corporate Organizations

  • 50,000+ Professionals Trained

Who Should Attend ICLC?

  • Trainer
  • Psychologist
  • Life Coach

Why Become ICLC Certified?

  • The Vision of this certification program is to inculcate the essential knowledge and skills you need to apply the Personality Type insights in different professional settings worldwide.
  • The Self guided International Certification on Life Coaching (ICLC) Program is an online training course for Develop a clear understanding of their behaviors based on Personality-Type.

Learning Approach

  • Delivered online, this program embraces the value of experiential learning throughout. Supported by a highly interactive training platform – comprises of 16 learning modules. And a few of them facilitated via Zoom. The modules can be completed on your own schedule.
  • Once registered, you’ll have immediate access with up to 90 days to complete the curriculum and pass the certification exam.
  • We estimate that it takes around 30 to 40 hours to complete the program.
  • This is similar to the time commitment for the four-day Type based Assessment Certification Program. However, the self-guided program allows you to break up your learning into manageable chunks that fit your own schedule.
  • You’ll have 90 days to complete the program after registration.
  • Vision and background idea of the preferences in daily life. Assess a range of situations to determine people’s differences.

  • A comprehensive way to identify and compare appropriate resources to support an individual’s exploration of Type vs. Trait.

  • Role of Type dynamic in happiness & stress. Describe & explore the influence of Personality-Type dynamics on stress reactions.

  • Align the administration process and the role of the professionals when they will use this method. Assess & respond to a range of ethical situations following the best practices.

  • Enhance & apply the Personality-Type to explore decision-making, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

  • Role of dominant and auxiliary functions to develop career and professional excellence.

  • How Personality-Type is important to understand the reasons for conflicts among partners. How to manage the partner’s expectations to ensure a happy marital life by identifying their Personality-Type.

  • Understand the Personality-Type of kids and their appropriate nurturing style.