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Dear future brighteners!

Do something extraordinary; let your imagination soar.

Are you aware of that?

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is…

To find ways to succeed with all of their students, not just those with whom they have a natural affinity.

Isn’t that true?

Too often, we accept that we cannot reach all students and approach some as unsolvable puzzles – less able or less inclined.

And the fact is that…

The most talented and well-trained teachers also find many students needing help.

Take The First Step Toward a Happier, More Productive Life

Research into teacher and student differences suggests that…

When teachers do nothing other than what they are prone to do, similar-typed students do better in their classes, enjoy the experience more, and are viewed more favorably by the teacher. 

Conversely, students who are less similar to the teacher by type are less successful, report liking the teacher and the classless, and even receive lower grades on average. 

Well, the reality is…

These effects are minimized when teachers take steps to understand and mitigate issues related to incongruence.

It’s no secret that it’s your personality and your personality type which decides where to go next and how…

Let’s cut it to the chase,

Research shows that there are 16 personality types in human beings.

And everyone acts according to their personality type…

What Would You Say If We Offered To Help You …?

Let’s solve this puzzle together…

Before the problem comes, the solution is always there!

We need to find it…

Yeah, the universal truth is all human beings are consisted of 16 Personality-Types…

And every human being is different from another one in nurture and nature.

Let’s cut it to the chase.

There are 16 Personality-Types in the world. 

And we all are one of them. Everyone is different and behaves according to their type…

In short, we can predict human behaviour…

Isn’t it amazing…

If you know the Personality Type and can interact according to their type.

Yes, Teachers, You Can Assess The Personality-Type And Can Make Your Students Learn According To Their Type…

People are different and learn in different ways.

All students are different, including the way they learn and perceive information. As a student, you will encounter different instructors with varying teaching styles.

By understanding how your personality type affects your natural tendencies in behaviour and learning style, 

you can take steps to effectively cope with varying teaching styles and increase your chances for success in your professional career.

Learn What You Have In Your Bucket After Having This Precious ICTP Teacher Certification Program…

  • Better self-understanding and understanding of others

    Participants will Understand their strengths as a teacher and identify opportunities for change and development. Teachers will learn strategies to overcome their blind areas and maintain effectiveness in their teaching style.

  • Increased effectiveness in teaching and learning

    The teaching effectiveness of teachers and the learning effectiveness of students will increase, and teachers will be able to Develop flexibility and be able to communicate with a wider range of personalities TYPES and Structure learning that appeals to all personality preferences.

  • Improved overall class performance

    When teachers are better able to understand different learning styles of students, they then modify their teaching style according to different personality types of students, which leads to better understanding and learning of students, ultimately resulting in improved overall class performance, assist learners to develop their non-preferred sides and aid their development in becoming well rounded, flexible and adaptable.

  • Meaningful learning process

    When teachers can flex their teaching styles and accommodate different types of students, the outcome will be a meaningful learning process and an effective classroom environment. Understand psychological type, so that lesson plans can be tailored to meet the needs of all students.

  • Better Nurturing of Students

    Assist learners in developing their non-preferred side & aid their development in becoming well-rounded, flexible & adaptable.

  • More effective Relationship with Parents and Management

    Learn to give feedback to parents in ways that respect the child’s preferences.

    Learn to improve general communication & resolve conflicts.

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Now, we come to pricing…

You know what..?

The price you pay is not for the certification but for the skill that will make your professional career more valuable.

The price for this is just $1200…

Sounds good?

What are you waiting for? Avail of this opportunity and make your profession highly valuable.

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