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Personality-Type Applications For HR Professionals (ICHR) Program

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Dr. Qamar UI Hassan has devised the (International Certified Personality- Type Professional) to make it easier to know the Personality-Type
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If you are a trainer, psychologist, life coach, career counselor, educationist, group leader, or a member of human resource department
This precious program is for you
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The Personality-Type-based application Certification programis
specifically designed for HR professionals to facilitate themin reachingall of their career goals by understanding and managing human
differences and their goals according to the Personality-Type difference. After attending this course, people will be able to understand themselvesand identify their innate career goals, which will overcome the issue of
disconnections between individual and their success.

Let’s know how it helps Human ResourceProfessionals.

In the work environment, the FIVE-STEP model by DR QAMARtoassess the Personality-Type is a helpful tool for employers to evaluateand select the best candidates for a particular position in the companyaccording to the preferred choice and Personality-Type.
The Most useful advantages of this certification programto HRprofessionals are;

  • Learn the most effective human development methods based on Personality Type.
  • Learn to facilitate the different Personality-Type of development

  • How to train the individuals to achieve the required target accordingto Personality-Type

  • How to lead their team in the best way.

  • Learn the art of optimal leader development.

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The price you pay is not for the certification but for the skill that will make your
professional career more valuable. The price for this is just $1200…
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What are you waiting for? Avail of this opportunity and make your profession highlyvaluable

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