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Dr. Qamar took a step as QAMAR CONSULTING for the establishment of a successful corporate sector in Pakistan. It will encourage the corporate sector to accommodate Personality TYPES (MBTI) in organizations to understand employees and strengthen their leadership, team building, and communication skills to generate extensive profit regularly.

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Dr. Qamar- ul- Hassan (MBBS) was born on (July 4, 1971) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He graduated from Jinnah Sindh Medical University and started his career as a Doctor in Karachi. He had five years of experience working in general medicine as a medical officer (two years at NICVD and one year at Ziauddin Hospital). He shifted to pharmaceuticals and worked as an analyst in Aventis and IMS Health (IQVIA). He soon realized that he doesn’t want to die as a pharmacist and switched back to pursue his medical career as a medical officer. Soon he developed an interest to explore psychiatry and worked as a psychiatrist in Liaquat National Hospital.
During his practice as a psychiatrist, he got to know about PERSONALITY TYPES (MBTI) while attending a leadership development program. He believed that human differences must be decoded also must be understood, appreciated, valued, and respected by accommodating Personality TYPES (MBTI). Generalizing accommodation of human differences in the Pakistani community became his aim.
In the chase of mastering Personality TYPES (MBTI), he received a certification in MBTI from Malaysia. He is a certified MMTIC as well from CAPT (Center for Applications of Psychological Type).
Now he is known as an expert in Personality TYPE (MBTI) assessment and has been providing training TYPE-Based performance improvement solutions in personal and professional life for 15 years.

Below are a few of his noteworthy projects where senior-level managerial staff and key decision-makers were given training on implementing TYPE-Based human development and performance improvement solutions to enhance the overall effectiveness of day-to-day operations.

Dr. Qamar’s association with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) started dates back to 2017. The Management Association of Pakistan organized a 2-days event for human resource managers and invited Dr. Qamar to speak about managing human resources through MBTI.

Employees of SBP who represented its human resource department attended this event. They were astounded by Dr. Qamar’s knowledge of Personality TYPE and the TYPE-Based human development solutions that he had designed to revolutionize human resource management in the business sector. Impressed with his ground-breaking ideas, they referred Dr. Qamar to their training department, Nibaaf, and recommended that he should be hired as a regular trainer for the skill development and performance enhancement of SBP’s workforce.

​Since 2017, Dr. Qamar has conducted numerous corporate training sessions and seminars for SPB to promote the application of TYPE-Based, innovative solutions. Some of his remarkable work includes extensive training programs on; Development of Leadership Skills, Development of Decision-Making Skills, Self-Discovery using MBTI, Change Management, Stress Management, Time Management, and Team Building.

Every single session of Dr. Qamar’s was successful, and his work has been widely praised by the business community. In recognition of his transformational theories, the Director of SBP personally called him to commend his research, and up to this date, SPB remains to be a trusted client of Qamar Consulting.

Families are the building blocks of society. Each family contributes to the community’s growth and development through procreation (giving birth to offspring) and socialization. Families ensure the continuation of a healthy community. It is necessary to understand all the key elements that come into play for the creation and sustainability of a happy family.
Dr. Qamar has worked extensively in family planning, parenting, and early childhood development to empower families in Pakistan. He is a firm believer in nourishing the roots and making the foundations stronger. His type-based family projects are directed towards the coaching of partners, parents, and children because these individuals together form family units and serve as the powerhouse of progressive societies.
Green Star offers family planning services to the couples of Pakistan. It enlists doctors, nurses, and lady health workers (also referred to as the community mobilizers) to promote and provide safe methods of contraception for birth control, and highlights the importance of mother-child health through prenatal and postpartum caregiving.
Although the organization’s work has been effective in minimizing the infant mortality rate, it has remained ineffective in encouraging couples to opt for using safe methods of contraception and plan their pregnancies.
Dr. Qamar realized that the root cause of the failure of the organization in that sector was the ineffective communication between the lady health workers and the mothers. He observed that even after being offered door-to-door consultation, only 10% of the women in Pakistan buy family planning services from Green Star’s clinics.
The reason was that lady health workers who have been hired and trained from within the communities and instructed to reach out to the mothers at home did not tailor their communication according to the individual Personality TPYEof targeted mothers. It led to a communication break down and mothers failed to understand the importance of family planning for the safety and sustainability of their households.
Dr. Qamar devised a 200-page manual for the lady health workers at Green Star through which they were taught TYPE-Based communication skills. He has had the honor of conducting seminars for the senior management of Green Star at Karachi and had delivered training programs to the lady health workers and community physicians at Nathia Gali and Lahore.
In the span of 3 years (2017-2019), he has successfully trained around 300 community mobilizers who are now offering door-to-door family planning services to the women of their villages and towns.

Dr. Qamar has had the honor of training professionals from one of Pakistan’s most prestigious pharmaceutical company, Pharm Evo, in TYPE-Based leadership communication and skill development. Pharm Evo recognized his endeavors in introducing TYPE-Based performance improvement and employee management practices for the corporate sector and invited him to organize monthly training for their staff members to enhance their skills and explore their hidden talents.
A total of 98 pieces of training were conducted for 2 years, during which employees of Pharm Evo learned about their Personality TYPE and the type of their colleagues and business associates. His innovative TYPE-Based business solutions in Pharm Evo proved to be a tremendous success, and with the reference of the Director of the company, Dr. Qamar’s work became sought after by other industry leaders.
With Pharm Evo’s sponsorship, Dr. Qamar had the privilege to launch his flagship project, Career Med at the Dow University of Health Sciences in Karachi, Pakistan. It was an initiative designed to assist young doctors in planning and managing their careers in medicine. The pilot project lasted for 2 years and hosted several training programs for medical students and doctors. The most notable amongst them was the Development of excellence for Doctors using MBTI.

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