Training & Short courses by the most skillful personality and well known personality “Dr.Qamar”. He is founding expert of MBTI & personality types in Pakistan .He’s been serving the human nation with the best facilities to understand themselves better and to live a better life by discovering personality type, basically to understand the moral & ethical values of their life and motivate them to pursue their dreams.

Our motive is to disclose your potential that you already innate in yourself, and trying to make your mind & personality more productive. So, we have finally came out with 14 short interactive courses for individuals, families, & organizations so that they can help them in building up a unique and cerebral “personality type”.

We all need counseling in different era of our lives! Whether it’s about the education sector, parent’s interaction with their children, corporate businesses etc. We offer our session and courses for all of these sectors and are willing to resolve each & every issue of yours. It’s important to learn how to live a successful life with positive thoughts.

So? What are you waiting for? Register yourself now for the best intellectual short courses which will further enhance your inner powers and boost your skills! And grow ahead with health & prosperity.

Education Sector

For Teachers: Know Yourself As A Teacher

Discover the best teaching style according to your Personality Type through our Type course.

For Teachers: Understand Your Students

Know your students in a more better way according to their Type and fulfill your duties with smartness.

For Teachers: Teaching By Type

Enhancing your best teaching style and Become a competent developed Personality Type Teacher.

For Teachers: Leader Development 

Improve your leadership style and make your students, an impressive leader of the team by knowing their Personality Type.

For Kids: Plan Your Career Journey Using ( Personality Type)

Make sure about your Career Plans and choose the right career according to your Personality Type.


For Parents: Parenting By Type

Play your personality role in a smart way by knowing the Personality Type with our course

For Parents: Know Your Kids ( Type Guessing For Parents)

Cultivate your kids into Future Leaders with our Personality Type Based course.

For Spouses: Know Your Partner

Know your spouses on a deeper level and make your bounding more stronger then ever.

Corporate Sector

For HRM: Recruitment ( Using Personality Type in team building)

Hire the best and perfect candidates for the required job by knowing the Personality Type. This course is designed for the HR Managers so that their job become easy for recruitment.

For HRM: Leadership Development ( Using Personality Type in team building)

A Leadership Development Course By Type. Enhance your leadership qualities and style become an effective Team Leader.

For HRM: Effective Communication ( Using Personality Type in team building)

This course is designed to make your communication more effective in organizations. Learn effective communication by knowing the Personality Type.

For HRM: Team Building ( Using Personality Type in team building)

A Build your team wisely by knowing the Personality Type. Increase the productivity and achieve your goals by effective team building.

For HRM: Know Yourself (discover, develop, explore and excel)

Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. Discover your Personality Type and know your true potentials..

For HRM: Type guessing ( Learn to guess the Personality Type of other people around you)

Make your environment more peaceful by knowing the Personality Type of yourself and guessing others.